Welcome to the Ontario Aerospace Council
Established in 1993, the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) is comprised of 220 member companies, representing over 70% of the Ontario aerospace industry employment base and spans all tiers, business activities and sizes.

Our purpose is to enhance recognition of Ontario’s capabilities as a leader in global aerospace markets and work together to build greater expertise to assure continued growth and prosperity.

OAC fosters relationships between all stakeholders: industry, academia, researchers, governments and associations to gather and share industry intelligence, identify and facilitate funding as well as being an active catalyst for industry growth.

Working collectively and collaboratively with our members and in partnership with government (Provincial & Federal), we define and implement strategic member programs, initiatives and events in areas including: technology development & adoption supply chain relationships & readiness skills development & workplace training.

All Ontario companies and organizations involved in and with the aerospace industry in Ontario are invited to be part of this collaborative effort. This includes OEM’s, large companies and SME’s in: aircraft manufacturing (Tiers 1-4); UAS/UAV’s’; maintenance, repair & overhaul; ground-based infrastructure; and space.

Also included are Ontario organizations that do business with the aerospace industry, such as: financial institutions, colleges, universities, research centres, consultants (engineering, business services, marketing, electronic commerce and insurance).

For details on upcoming events, please visit our Events page.
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